May 4 2014

President Putin now with justification for invasion: What will he do?

putin ukraineThe world has been unsure as to the intentions of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Ukrainian issue. However, this may have been seen as pretty reasonable until now given that in the last month or two he has not had sufficient grounds on which to base an invasion of their neighbouring Ukrain. However, recent events near the border towns in which scores of Russians were massacred in a building fire that was likely lit by their Ukrainian foes is now being seen as a potential clear cut pretext for invasion. In addition to the fire, Ukrainian troops have been encircling to seal the area where the pro-russian protestors are active and they stand to lose more lives to the hands of Ukraine.

In addition to killing the Russian protesters, the pro-kiev fighters are also known as ‘extreme’ types, perhaps even fascists who are in cahoots with the Kiev government.

While this was all going on, Kiev has been sending clear messages to Putin that it does not care about Putin’s or the Kremlins wishes. It has barely sat down to discuss the issues with Putin and is frankly ignoring his requests. Instead they have decided to forge ahead with a renewed battle against the pro-Russian protestors.

It appears therefore, that for one of the first times in a long time in this stoush that the overall feud seems to be making advancements and developments rather than more of a stalemate.

Again, it is difficult to work out what Putin’s next moves will be. However, it is clear that the time is now should he decide to use the 40,000 troops he has stationed just on the border.

On the other hand, he may also decide to continue with his non-violent action. That is, to stay put and not react in a violent way. That could send a message to the world about just how despotic and violent the American backed Kiev government is. It may shed negative light upon, obviously Kiev but through them, the US and Nato who directly back, fund, train and give diplomatic support to in their ongoing resistance against the Kremlin.

Over the weeks, there have been low scale operations that the Russians have played a hand in. This has included assisting the pro-Russian fighters inside Ukrain to capture areas such as Slavynsk.

This tactic of just fighting the battle from a distance means Russia cannot be seen as directly involving itself in a full scale war with the Kiev country. This latter scenario would give the US and its backers more justification to really target Russias economic situation through massive sanctions.

Rather than make it obvious for his foe to fight back at him, he appears to be wanting to just keep them all off kilter while all the little villages that contain a large Russian population move toward supporting him and becoming basically aligned with Russia. Let us not forget, that economically these areas have agreed to be part of Russia again. Their shops are using Russian money and everything.

Should Putin decide to fight directly in the turf of Ukraine it will then be more obvious what his intent is. For now we will just need to wait and see what unfolds.

May 4 2014

Martin Schulz getting the message of more wealth for more in EU countries

European Parliament - Martin SchulzAt the weekend we went to France to ask people if they new a man who we showed them in pictures to see if they knew who he is. In France, their guesses were just that and way off too. Some asked is he from the US, is he a soccer coach, is he from Greece or Turkey? Of course, all of their guesses were dead wrong. After that we concluded that no body their knows who one Martin Schulz is so we waltzed off to another country namely the East of the German country.

Over in EAst Germany they did some what better than in France. Some of them guessed that he is a social democrat from the EU and others also said social democrat who is employed somewhere over the hill in the town of Brussels.

Then our guy announced he is the one and only Mr. Schulz who is the presidential leader of the European Parliament and now he is actually going to be going for the title of president elect of the EU Commisioners office. More specifically, he actually represents the social democrat party and persuasion.

Mr. Schulzy was raised in a family that did not have a whole heap of moneys around while he was a child there. Together with his siblings including a couple of sisters and brother as well and his dad a police officer they scrimped and saved as best they could with the father’s modest policeman’s income. Then after years of relative struggle, he decided to become a politician and decided to join the local social democratic party where he had grown up all these years. Then after around about twelve years of gruelling campaigning and very hard hard work he was elected into the position of mayor of his local district where he worke and played half of the time.

Much of Schulz’s work has taken on the flavour of going against the right wing and corrupt ways of some people invovled in EU politics. When he made head lines for resisting the ways of Italy’s leader Berlisconi, he became known as someone who was working for the good of above board politics in the continent. He would go on to be the one brokering fair and honest deals between different parties in the EU.

Schultz, a german, had actually spent the summer of his teens living with a family in France in a student exchange program. This was really an expression of his true fabric which is that he is all about a unified and peaceful Europe. In fact, it was the Nazis that had violently occupied and oppressed the French for a short while during world war two.

In an interview while on his way up he said that Europe needs a new taxation system that makes the distribution of wealth there more equitable. He commented that in countries like Greece too many people are scavenging through bins just to get their daily feed while at the same time there are people there who are still billionaires who obviously won’t be sharing it any time soon with the beggars in particular. In summary, he saying that the economic situation is inequatable and needs to be made a lot fairer.

He is about to run in the European parliament elections and obviously represents the social democratic persuasion there. He speaks a lot of different Euro languages and obviously is well equiped to be someone who can mediate between different countries and try to broker deals between parties that benefit everyone. In short, he would have to be an expert of creating win win situations for all involved. This is a clearly a guy who is well positioned to go well at such an election.